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Need an affordable solution for your shelter? Are your current options looking to charge you an arm and a leg? With CentroCare, there are no expensive licensing costs or setup fees! Get efficient with just a low monthly subscription.


We take your data seriously. Our top priority is protecting your data. CentroCare offers the highest levels of SSL and database encryption. Data is also regularly backed up to ensure your information is safe.


Take CentroCare with you wherever you go! CentroCare is a web-based application that can be accessed through any web browser. We took it one step further and optimized the interface for use on all mobile devices!

Case Management

Have a need for Case Management support? CentroCare's case management component allows you to track the progress of your guests after they leave the shelter. From assessments to progress notes to insurance reimbursements, CentroCare has you covered.

We're now able to use data to further our mission and shape our programs for better outcomes and improve efficiency in the process. For instance, we are able to identify our most vulnerable homeless guests and prioritize services for them."

-- Connie Mitchell

Executive Director, Institute for Human Services